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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Mtatsminda

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Archi Mtatsminda Kipiani St. 31
Archi Mtatsminda

Archi Mtatsminda

Kipiani St. 31 
Cozy house on Mtatsminda
The Archi Mtatsminda project is distinguished by its special architecture and exterior, and at the same time it harmoniously fits into the surrounding area of the district. The exterior façade of the building is lined with wooden panels and basalt. The walls are weatherproofed and the building itself is decorated with glazed balconies, where a beautiful panoramic view of the city can be seen.
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The Archi Mtatsminda project provide an underground parking lot for 13 cars and a landscaped yard of 400 square meters.
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Project Progress

apartments are brought to the condition of "white frame"


Archi Mtatsminda is located in one of the most beautiful historical districts of Tbilisi, at the intersection of Mtatsminda and Kakabadze streets, next to Father David Church (Mama-Daviti). From the windows of the house there is a beautiful panoramic view of old Tbilisi and the shores of the river Mtkvari.