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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Zaza Pachulia and Archi Group have become partners

Zaza Pachulia and Archi Group have become partners.
The famous Georgian basketball player and NBA Champion Zaza Pachulia and Archi Group have entered into a long-term partnership. Pachulia purchased an apartment in Archi Group during his last visit to Georgia. The company’s vast experience, reliability, and focus on quality were key decision-making factors for the NBA Champion.
“We have been searching for the right apartment for quite a long time. Finally, we decided on Archi Tower, since for me and my family the quality and reliability of the company were of utmost importance. It is evident that all the materials used in the construction and renovation are of the highest quality and the construction work has been handled according to international standards, which guarantees overall high quality. Moreover, Archi Tower has a stylish lobby, fitness center, and swimming pool, which are additional advantages for me. This will indeed be my irreplaceable home.” says Zaza.
Besides purchasing an apartment, Pachulia has become a partner of Archi Group and will be involved in the company’s various activities. Archi Group and the NBA Champion are planning a lot of interesting mutual projects.
Archi Group is the leading development company in Georgia. The company has 200,000 sq. m finished construction and 140,000 sq. m ongoing construction.


Zaza Pachulia and Archi Group have become partners
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