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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


EBRD Has Transferred 50,000 Dollars to Archi Group for Energy-Efficient Construction

Archi Group  is the first Georgian company to which the EBRD has provided  a special grant for energy-efficient construction. For a period of one year experts checked Archi Tower. The international audit covered the building materials, doors and windows, and thermal insulation of the building. During the audit a thermal conductivity coefficient was established that corresponds to European standards. The energy efficiency of the building's finishing was also measured. Archi Group's construction was considered energy efficient and the company was allocated 50,000 US dollars.
“We are pleased that international experts have recognized the quality and energy-efficiency of Archi Group construction. All our residential estates are  built using  modern technologies. We use YTONG blocks for construction, which combine energy efficiency and fire resistance and are manufactured by German technology in the European Union,» states Archi Group.
Archi Group has received this amount as part of the EBRD’s Caucasus Energy Efficiency Program. The project aims to promote European construction standards in Georgia.
Archi Group is the leading development company in Georgia. At this stage the company has completed construction of 200,000 sq. m and 140,000 sq. m are under construction.

EBRD Has Transferred 50,000 Dollars to Archi Group for Energy-Efficient Construction
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