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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Finished and Under Construction Apartments For Sale in Archi Projects

Archi is the  leading developer company in Georgia, which was founded in 2006. Currently, the company counts 19 finished and 16 ongoing  construction objects in Tbilisi. In addition, construction of a  residential building in Batumi is underway.

If you want to buy finished or under construction apartments, we will offer you the best terms.

Why Archi?

The apartments which are for sale in the Archi residential buildings are designed for people with all tastes and needs. If you want to have a gym, a swimming pool, a landscaped  yard with playgrounds and stadiums, or a school and kindergarten in the courtyard of your house, all this will be created for you by the Archi professionals. The experts of the company constantly care about  offering the infrastructure of European standards. All construction of Archi is carried out using high quality, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building materials.

It is noteworthy that all the construction objects of Archi are fully financed  by foreign investments. Accordingly, all the objects of the company are delivered  in the scheduled dates.

Apartments For Sale in Tbilisi

Archi apartments in Tbilisi are notable for their best locations. You can buy finished or under construction apartments in many different districts in Tbilisi. It does not matter where you are looking for a residential space, whether it be Vake, Dighomi, Gldani, Vazisubani, Mtatsminda or somewhere else, ... you will definitely find your desired apartment. You can get detailed information about our projects under construction on  the Projects page.

Advantages of Archi Apartments in Tbilisi

One of the advantages  of the Archi houses is the conformity  of price and quality of construction. Noteworthy also is that the residential buildings are bult with high quality  energy-efficient building materials, which thermal insulating properties reduce energy consumption by 40%. As a result, our customers save  the environment and at the same time, they save utility expenses.

One of the company’s outstanding finished projects is Archi Tower, a 23-storey premium class residential complex. It is located in the center of Tbilisi, in a  prestigious location overlooking the Turtle Lake and Vake Park.

Apartments For Sale in Batumi

If you want to buy an apartment  in Batumi, you will be interested  in the Archi apartments under construction  in Batumi. Archi Batumi is one of the most important and sophisticated projects of the company, which is distinguished from all other residential buildings in the city. Its uniqueness is created by the high quality energy efficient building materials of German brand Ytong, as well as the layout fully tailored to meet the customers’ wishes and needs. Archi Batumi  is located in one of the best places of the seaside city , just 10 minutes walk from the esplanade.

Best Construction Company in Georgia

So,  if you are interested in buying an apartment, the developer company Archi offers you the best conditions. You can buy both finished and under construction apartments in Tbilisi, in the best places. Besides, Archi also offers to buy apartments in the high-quality residential building  under construction in Batumi.

Advantages  of Our Residential Buildings:

  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building materials of high quality
  • Best location
  • Sophisticated design
  • Projects that are tailored to customers’ needs
  • Infrastructure meeting European standards
  • Cozy and comfortable apartments
  • Multilevel parking lots
  • Reduced utility expenses
  • Value for money

Archi is the Leading  Developer Company in Georgia!